Saturday, 30 July 2022

Prepare your home for a vacation while you’re away

Preparing for a vacation is a lot of work. Ponder on which items to pack, & also pay attention to prepare your home to welcome you warmly after the trip is over.

Preparing your house in the following ways will help.

Deep clean the house before leaving

Before you leave on flights to Manila from UK, scrub the sinks and toilets, vacuum & toss out any flower that is kept in the vase.

Program your thermostat

Walk into a perfectly warm home by adjusting the temperature through a smart thermostat before you return.

Put lights on timers

Put on lights around your house to deter break-ins when you’re away on flights to Los Angeles from UK. Play the TV remotely to be even more convincing.

Empty the fridge

Empty the fridge to avoid rot &stink when you’re back. An advice- you can fill the fridge up with certain items which will not rot soon. Needn’t be hungry, immediately after you come back home.

Take out the trash before you leave

You will not run the risk of coming home to all sorts of rancid smells and pests galore.

Take precautions for fire

Before you leave on flights to Montego Bay from London, make sure to unplug electronics to save on the energy and accidents.

Do the laundry before you leave for the trip.

If there are soiled clothes, either keep them dry, or clean them out before you leave on flights to Atlanta from London.

The mailed must be collected by someone

Else you may ask for the posts to be on hold at the post office.

Ask someone to take care of your plants and pets

Lock all the windows and doors securely

Don’t post about your trip on social media when you’re aren’t home

Keep your valuables inside the house at different places

Book tickets with agencies such as White Magic Travels for these advices.


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